Foolproof Site Planning for Your Dwell/Rent Dream


You've dreamed of owning a tiny luxury dwell space like G-pod. But, understanding all that's involved in purchasing and placing a pod can seem complicated. Can you pull it off?

We're here to make it easier and hopefully bring you one step closer to making that dream a reality. So, let's dig deeper into the site planning and preparation needed for placing a new G-pod.

1. What is the use of your G-pod?

G-pods can be used for lots of things but the biggest question to address up-front is: will your Dwell be used as personal or rental space?

Setting up a Dwell unit as a rental opportunity comes with a host of essential criterion to make a success of your investment (consider However, for personal use, your decisions are based solely on your individual preference and specifications necessary for the utility of your space.

Rental or personal, some considerations include site geography and typography, logistics and accessibility, along with budgetary planning for site prep, power, water and waste water service (on or off-grid) and maintenance.

Let's say you want a personal dwell space

For a personal Dwell space, you should clearly identify what you hope to get out of the space, in what ways and how often you will use the space, and how much you expect to invest.

Is this a full-time dwell space or a part-time escape? Do you plan to work or play here: what activities exactly? How many people will use the space? One, two or more? What are the site requirements in terms of utilities and amenities? What are the needs of the site when you're not there in terms of security or maintenance? These decisions will help you concentrate on the right location, model choice, and finishes.

Let's say you want a destination rental space

The top three considerations when creating a rental space are: location, logistics, and budget.

Location: In the rental business, much like real estate, location is everything. G-pods allow you to take advantage of a great location to quickly jumpstart a revenue stream, without physically impacting the site too much. So, what is the drawing feature of your location? Is it geography? Is the site already a solid tourist spot with lots to do in the surrounding area? Or is it a prime nature location where visitors are looking for privacy and the experience that comes naturally with the surrounding typography of the site? Your challenge will be to balance the needs of your guests and your business without interfering with the best aspects of your location.

Logistics: The logistics of your rental business must be considered for both up-front expenditures and long-term practicality. Your site will dictate how much preparation of the land is needed. Is it heavily wooded? You'll need to carefully plan the clearing of the space without destroying the beauty of the surroundings. What is the impact of utility and security needs, plus operations and maintenance costs to manage the cleaning and hospitality demands of your incoming and outgoing guests?

Budget: Lastly, like any sound business you must carefully plan for and count the cost. Your site planning will impact your site set-up and initial investment costs, but also your ongoing operations costs. Consider these carefully as you plan for success.

Now that your plan for the use of your pod is well thought-out, what are the next steps to preparing for your G-pod?

2. Plan your site access

Next, we need to plan how the pod will get to the spot you want to place it. While G-pods are designed to travel anywhere a train, ship, helicopter, truck, trailer or crane can go, we still have to outline the route and method. Maybe you have a trailer and won't require a crane? Maybe your site is already very accessible, and the planning will be straightforward. Maybe it's not.

Regardless, legal and logistical details must be carefully explored and delineated. For instance, are permits required in the area of the site? What equipment will be needed? Are there existing power lines? Will you be able to connect to them and if so, where? Will the lines be buried or strung along utility poles?

What about water supply feed lines? Did you know that where and how you place your pod in relation to these can affect the water pressure to your pod? What is the orientation of your pod to the sun and the stars? Have we considered supplemental outdoor space for gardens, parking or other activities? Have we been careful not to impact the view, beauty or experience of your site in any negative way in making these decisions?

3. Consider your site foundation

With site access under control, let's next consider your pod's foundation. G-pods offer the flexibility for short or long-term placement in a variety of site terrains. For permanent installations, long-term stability can be achieved by placing your pod on and connecting to engineered footing, piers or another stable foundation. But in some cases, they can take advantage of smaller, cheaper and more DIY-friendly foundation options.

G-pods can also be placed on uneven grades without improvements when a more stable foundation is not required. One way to prepare a site without using heavy equipment is to put down a bed of crushed stone for a solid building pad, much like preparing for a patio or temporary structure. Such materials are usually cheap, locally-sourced, and can be relocated and repurposed as needed over time.

4. Prepare while awaiting delivery

Your G-pod is ordered and can take 4-6 months to be delivered from the factory. Now is the time to implement all your planning details for your site access and foundation considerations so far. Get your local planning approvals and permits, utilities and pre-site inspections checked off the list. You'll be kept well informed of the progress of your build and delivery schedule, so that when your pod actually arrives on site, everything will be ready for install.

5. Your G-pod arrives for site install

The last step in the planning process is the actual delivery and installation of your G-pod. Your G-pod can be set up in just hours once it arrives, depending on your location and site specifications, including set-up of your deck, bench and fly-roof awning. You will coordinate closely with your local distributor any last-minute details regarding equipment or utility site inspections as required. Before you know it, you'll be rolling out the welcome mat for you or your guests to enjoy the intimate luxury and grandeur of G-pod's generous indoor/outdoor space.

Making the dream come true

The idea of owning a tiny luxury space you can call your own or use as a rental income stream can be both romantic and scary. But it doesn't have to be daunting.

You know what they say: A goal without a plan is just a dream. G-pods make debt-free living in simple luxury accessible and easy for homeowners and renters alike. So, let us help you take your goal to the next level. We'll walk you through the blueprint process to carefully plan, purchase and place your dwell space in the location of your dreams.